Jonathan Fry

Guiding ScholarshipMagic with a passion for innovation, Jonathan merges business strategy and technology expertise to transform higher education and create boundless opportunities for stud

About me

Hello! I'm Jonathan Fry, ScholarshipMagic's enthusiastic and committed CEO. I bring a dynamic blend of business and technology strategy to the table, driven by a deep commitment to transformative solutions and high-performance cultures. As a thought leader, I'm dedicated to staying ahead in AI, the future of work, and cloud-enabled transformation.

Let's explore the magic together!

Background & Experience

With a rich history as Microsoft Business Leader at Accenture, I revitalized the public sector business and led the North America Business Applications strategy, achieving remarkable sales growth. My role as the Global Education Industry Lead at Accenture earned us the Salesforce Higher Education Partner of the Year award twice, showcasing our commitment to excellence.

Throughout my career, I've led global transformation programs, implemented cutting-edge technologies, and optimized processes for significant cost savings. Let's connect and discover how my strategic mindset can drive transformative growth for your organization.

Express gratitude effortlessly

Scholarship Magic helps students build bonds with donors, and thank them for the support they've received. It also stores all letters and awards for future tracking. Thank-you letter submission made easy.