Maximize your impact

Applying for scholarships is a stressful and highly-competitive process for prospective students and their families. Scholarship Magic will streamline your processes and maximize your impact.

Turn process into purpose

Auto-match students to scholarships

Enhance efficiency by automating the scholarship matching process.

Simple configuration and set-up

User-friendly configuration for a hassle-free experience at your institution. Streamlined and straight-forward.

Identify underutilized scholarships

Identify overly restrictive criteria in order to expedite discussion with donors and make better use of funds.

Intuitive document management

Simplify and improve your workflow with our system designed for academic efficiency.

Observe the process in real-time

Discover how to shift the impact on net tuition. Observe the scholarship process in action, gaining unparalleled insights into fund distribution, student matches, and impactful donor engagement.

Donor impact and audit reports

Provide transparency and accountability in scholarship management. Improve fundraising efforts.

Extractable data by fund

Effortlessly analyze fund-specific data. Gain valuable insights to inform strategic decisions.

Fund and donor ranking

Prioritize awards to ensure a quick and impactful scholarship distribution.

Limited IT resources required.

Empower your staff to manage scholarships independently and efficiently. Minimize the need for additional help or training.

Embrace automation

See immediate impact with executive dashboards, funding insights and data analytics; wave goodbye to the complexities of data administration.

Positively impact tuition discounting

Uncover new possibilities for scholarship distribution, ensuring that each award contributes meaningfully to reducing net tuition burdens.

Manage multiple user roles

Our innovative platform empowers institutions to navigate scholarship complexities seamlessly, optimizing fund allocation and prioritizing student support.

Express gratitude effortlessly

Scholarship Magic helps students build bonds with donors, and thank them for the support they've received. It also stores all letters and awards for future tracking. Thank-you letter submission made easy.