Scholarship Magic / FAQ

Frequently asked questions

How easy is it to get ScholarshipMagic up and running?

Time to get ScholarshipMagic working for you! After subscribing, just log into your account, where easy-to-follow instructions await. We'll guide you through the setup, helping you load your data and kick off your scholarship matching journey. Forget about complex or time-consuming setups —we've got simplicity covered.

How well does ScholarshipMagic integrate with my existing tools?

Unlock even more possibilities with ScholarshipMagic! Our handy APIs allow seamless integration into your SIS, CRM, Advancement, or Financial Systems. Say goodbye to data headaches, and hello to dashboards that stay on top of the game with real-time info.

Is ScholarshipMagic user-friendly or does it need extensive training?

ScholarshipMagic is crafted with your user experience in mind. It's intuitive, easy to use, and packed with helpful guidance. Dive in, and you'll be a pro from the moment you log in.

Do I get access to insightful reports and dashboards with ScholarshipMagic?

Absolutely! ScholarshipMagic is your one-stop dashboard hub. Whether you're in Finance, Financial Aid, Enrollment Management, or Institutional Advancement, we've got specific reports ready for you. Stay in the loop with real-time info, model upcoming terms, and dive deep into the data to spot those golden opportunities.

What types of funds can I match using ScholarshipMagic?

Got a fund to disburse and a tuition discount to offset? ScholarshipMagic has you covered! If you've got it, we're ready to handle it.

Express gratitude effortlessly

Scholarship Magic helps students build bonds with donors, and thank them for the support they've received. It also stores all letters and awards for future tracking. Thank-you letter submission made easy.