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Fund and donor ranking

Prioritize awards to ensure a quick and impactful scholarship distribution.


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Optimize Your Scholarship Impact

Experience a revolutionary approach to fund and donor ranking with ScholarshipMagic. Prioritize scholarship awards strategically to guarantee swift and impactful distribution. ScholarshipMagic empowers institutions to streamline the ranking process, ensuring that funds are allocated efficiently and donors receive the recognition they deserve.

Efficient Resource Allocation

ScholarshipMagic provides a user-friendly interface that allows institutions to rank funds based on various factors, ensuring that each award contributes meaningfully to your institution's goals.

Empower Your Scholarship Distribution

ScholarshipMagic transforms ranking from a task into a strategic advantage. Elevate your scholarship distribution process, prioritize awards effectively, and recognize donors for their significant contributions. Experience scholarship administration redefined.

Scholarship management is a time-consuming and repetitive process.

Navigate our user-friendly executive dashboard effortlessly to access real-time information.Dive deeper into scholarship analytics to unveil opportunities and ensure no funding is left untapped.

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