ScholarshipMagic has been developed by senior leaders in higher education and technology who specialize in identifying process gaps within the industry. They then take their 25+ years of global experience to launch innovative EdTech solutions that allow institutions to focus less on software and more on student success.

Why we do it

We are committed to serving higher education institutions by enabling them to more effectively deploy their financial resources to maximize enrollment, minimize the impact of tuition discounting, and simplify the process of scholarship awarding.


David Meek

Chief Executive Officer

Over 30 years of experience in EdTech as a founder and CEO including Campus Managament Corporation

Garland Hall

Chief Operating Officer

Senior executive with 25+ years of global success within the information technology industry

Robert Miller

Chief Technology Officer

30+ years of leading product development at top rated companies in Higher Education

Wesley Matthews

Chief Product and Strategy Officer

Over 25 years experience as a global provider of services and solutions for Higher Education and EdTech

Our Values

ScholarshipMagic is committed to a workplace that values the diversity of our team members. We have created an inclusive culture where everyone is inspired to be innovative, authentic and drive success within our teams and the customers we serve. We believe in the empowerment of our team no matter their race, gender, age, orientation or background..

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